Senda del Genaro (path)

Senda del Genaro (path)

Within the Green Paths Network of the Community of Madrid, the Senda del Genaro, with its 61km of route, is characterized for being the one that represents the longest route. It is classified as a Long Distance Trail (GR 300) by the Madrilenian Mountaineering Federation.

Its route runs through the environment that surrounds the El Atazar reservoir, the highest capacity within the Community of Madrid.

The Path is characterized by the ethnographic and environmental values that are appreciated throughout it. Of great interest are: the hydraulic constructions associated with the water supply from the reservoir, the cattle trails full of history, the steep landscapes full of chromatic contrasts and a great variety of rocks, flora and fauna.

More information: Web Mancomunidad Embalse de El Atazar

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